Use our Furniture to help you make a Boho Living Room pop!

Use our Furniture to help you make a Boho Living Room pop!

We have found that using artisan wooden furniture creates the best Boho Chic living rooms and contributes considerably to the Bohemian Style. This style of furniture looks organic and fits in harmoniously with the natural style of decor bought into a room by using plants and pastel colours.

Minimalist geometric shapes found in boho wall art, wallpaper and rugs complement hand crafted furniture that incorporate minimalist patterns, whether ingrained into the wood or a pattern is overlaid directly onto the wood's surface. In short, they fit in really nicely.

With that in mind we've sourced top quality artisan furniture from trusted trade only suppliers that is quickly available to our UK customers.

The range is available here: Boho style artisan wooden furniture. We're constantly adding to our product selections so check back regularly. Please contact us if there's a particular style you have seen out there in the world (eg. on Pinterest) and we'll source it for you from our network of trusted trade only suppliers.

If you are struggling to create a boho feel because you have a large flat screen television we recommend positioning it atop of this beautiful Line Carving Media Unit. Pay attention to the carved diagonal lines that complement boho art. Also you'll notice that there are no knobs, just a unique clean and minimalist fascia.

The idea is to disguise the industrial look that a television creates although modern flat screen design has removed most, if not all of the black surrounding the screen. By the way black is very rarely used in bohemian design so mixing the main focal point of a TV with the earthy colours of this type of furniture really helps the naturalness theme to shine through.

That's just one example. If you want help deciding what's right for your living room either call or email us where we'll be happy to assist you create a wonderful living environment that you can relax in.