How to keep your office safe and tidy with Office Furniture Storage

How to keep your office safe and tidy with Office Furniture Storage

Your Office Storage space needs to tick a lot of boxes. It is important to arrange cupboards and cabinets in such a way that your employees can stay organised while still having clear foot routes around the office that lead to and from their desks and to amenities & fire escapes.

In our opinion, it's better to purchase furniture from a collection so that you end up with a uniform and professional-looking office. A good example of this is the Clifton Place Office Furniture collection.

Take the desk, for instance, it has all the storage you need and it's also an L Shaped Desk that doubles your workspace. It has a whopping 5 drawers and its own built-in bookcase! The footprint of this desk is compact without compromising its function. We'll help you plan the layout of your office but if you have a quick look at the length and width of the desk you'll see that you can get more workstations in your office space than you first thought! Get creative with the layout for example easily create a bank of 4 L shaped desks. Repeat that once more for a total of 8 desks. You can arrange banks of desks in the middle of the office so that there are clear gangways for people to navigate around the office unimpeded.

If you go a step further you can also get a lateral filer where you can store all your plans and records depending on their purpose. You can arrange them against the walls around the perimeter of your office. Why not choose 8 of these, one for each workstation?

For a real executive look, you should seriously consider a storage sideboard. The Clifton Place version is kitted out with useful storage features and is ideally designed to complement an office environment. Some of these functions include fully extending drawers to easily access objects/document right at the back. You can also store larger pages and books within. Maybe unusual at first but it also has a cable port! This means you can move monitors or other electrical office items onto the top of the sideboard for ease of use. It enables you to keep the wires tucked away and out of gangways which will prevent trip hazards. You can adapt the sideboard to add a bookcase hutch on the top to further enhance storage space. This allows your storage to go vertically up instead of out from the wall. Again less clutter and the possibility of a trip hazard.

For some smaller offices there just isn't enough room for all of the products mentioned above so in that scenario we recommend just purchasing the L Shaped desk along with a credenza. The great thing about a credenza is that you get the best of both worlds. You get a bookcase, lateral filer, and cupboard all in one! The height of the credenza means it will sit low enough that you can place it near a window and it won't block out the sun. It's hard-wearing too. You can put a monitor or even a large flat screen TV on the top if you want your office space to double as a conference room.

The Clifton Place furniture collection really has all you'll ever need for an outstanding blend of functional storage space and quality workmanship. Creating that new office couldn't be easier so get in touch today, we're happy to help.