More than just a Coffee Table

More than just a Coffee Table

Have you ever wanted the convenience of sitting in a comfortable sofa with your favourite coffee whilst still being able to use your Laptop?

I was sitting on my sofa a week ago looking at my to do list on my laptop and I thought to myself 'I need a coffee'. I hadn't been awake long so I needed my daily kick of caffeine to get me started. However as I was already seated I didn't really want to move because I already had my laptop on my lap. I started to feel a bit awkward. I immediately thought 'there has to be a better way of relaxing in the morning while I check my planner'. Then I noticed one of my trade only suppliers had a product that could fit the bill perfectly. It's called a Lift Up Coffee Table

I was intrigued by it's unique design and impressed with it's practicality. It doesn't just serve as a reliable large coffee table. The table top lifts securely up to a level where a user can rest a laptop and comfortably work with their beverage of choice right next to them! So I thought this has to be the solution of my morning coffee woes. It could be yours too.

Lift Up Coffee Table for a comfortable visitor experience

As the Owner of a business you welcome Customers, Clients and Guests on a daily basis so it makes sense to create a comfortable reception area where they can check their notes on their laptops and get into a positive mindset before your meeting.

Low on desks? Meeting Rooms full? You need a Lift Up Coffee Table for your Rec Room!

A rec room is usually an informal place where your employees can get rid of stress and unwind by playing games. You can even turn a rec room into a Coffee Shop! This idea is perfect for employees passionate about drinking coffee and tea. All you have to do is buy your team this great product, some nice modular chairs that look great in reception and rec areas, then bring in some coffee machines and order in some cakes! Simply lovely. All these ideas help to ease stress on your staff whilst simultaneously raising group moral & form lasting friendships. Productivity will go up if your employees feel refreshed and more energetic at work. Great idea.

It's great for the home too!

If you love furniture with quality, style and innovative design (and a place to put your coffee), the Lift Up Coffee Table is an excellent choice. A superb and versatile option for your living areas in the house. This classy yet sturdy coffee table has a hidden space beneath the top for discreet storage of household accessories while the top lifts up and forward for ease of access for those blankets, books and board games! 

This unique lift up sturdy top also creates a versatile work surface so you can surf the web, eat dinner AND drink coffee while simultaneously relaxing on the sofa. It benefits from having an additional two open shelf cubbys to hold and display other belongings within easy reach. This table has the convenience of being finished on all sides for versatile placement within your home. The rich coloured Grand Walnut finish of this coffee table ensures it's an ideal and seamless match for all rooms and colour schemes.

Innovation with matching desks and cupboards from the Hampstead range of Office Furniture!

If you like matching furniture (Who doesn't?) then you'll be glad to know that this coffee table is part of an excellent range of storage solutions for desks, wall mounted desks, bookcases, lateral filers and more. The Hampstead range has been specifically designed to create a totally modern office or study environment. Ideal for any home study or office space. You'll love the quality this range brings into your workspace and it's sure to leave a positive lasting impression on your visitors too.